Well, WorldwideWatsons fans, we have indeed hit “pause” on the nomadic wanderings and settled into a long-term rental home outside of Orlando. (You know it’s a “pause” when you buy furniture. Okay, yeah, it was Craigslist furniture, but it’s ours! 😀 )

It’s funny, though…because it still feels like we’re on the road trip! (Probably because, let’s face it, we’re living where y’all go on vacation. *grin*) We’ve got a nice home with a pool (yay for negotiating pool AND lawn care into the monthly rent), newly-minted 15-month passes for Universal Orlando (hooray for a week of major projects for me, almost to the dime of what I needed to save to buy those), and I definitely can’t complain about 80s in February and March.

We’ve settled into our new ward (=church congregation, for our non-Mormon followers) and started making friends there and in the neighborhood. THAT is definitely something the kids were longing for, during our 7 months of travel; it’s been gratifying—and humbling—to have been told by more than one person already, “I think you moved to Florida just for us.”

So, even though we now have Florida drivers’ licenses and plates on the cars, it honestly feels like this is just an extension of the Worldwide Watsons’ Road Trip—and it probably will feel that way for awhile, as we explore everything this part of the country has to offer (*cough* beaches *cough*).

And hey, if you need a home-cooked meal or a place to crash on your next visit to Hogwarts or The Mouse, you know where to find us!

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